Kelsall Researchers

This is the hub for the Kelsall researchers.

This section is currently the section of the website under construction, beginning with Andrew K Pearson's pages that were previously hosted at the site (now defunct). Copied across already is the information from Peter Kelsall's One-Name Study site. A basic outline of Patricia Ellis & Anne Kelsall's areas of research is also available.

If you would like all or some of your research to appear here, please contact Anne via the Forum. I will need a basic idea of the volume and nature of the material (text, pictures, tables, and text-based pedigrees are fine). Bear in mind that the webmaster is relocating in the latter part of 2012, so online communications may be patchy.

The information in this section is permitted for fair use or personal research, and is generally the copyright of the author who created it. Please attribute to the author, and this site, when reproducing this information.

Kelsall Researchers

Peter Kelsall has for many years organised the Kelsall One-Name Study, and is now also co-ordinating the Kelsall DNA project, details on the DNA page.

Andrew K Pearson had a major body of work on David Kelsall's now-defunct site. Andrew and Anne are in the process of restoring Andrew's work here at its new permanent repository.

Dr Patricia M Ellis & Anne Kelsall have been researching together for about 25 years, with a lot of military/naval research into the mix. Although the connection between the two main British Army lines of Kelsalls is directly disproven, there is always the hope that the lines meet back in the 1500s, assuming we ever uncover the resiliant brickwall of Lt Joseph Kelsall (c1752-1841). Current areas of focus have been on Liverpool/Trafford/Chester.